DIY Door Table

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  1. Assembling the aprons to the legs:
    1. On a flat level surface – slide a ¼” – ½” shim under an apron and butt the apron to a leg. The top of the apron should be flush with the top of the leg.
    2. Clamp down the leg to your work surface.
    3. Insert proprietary pocket screws into the pocket holes. The screws are self-drilling, so it isn’t necessary to drill pilot holes.
    4. Drive the screws using a drill motor equipped with the jig-supplied driver bit.
    5. Repeat for the other leg to make one leg/apron subassembly
  2. Make another subassembly to match the first one.
  3. Grab a neighbor, spouse, or kid for this next part, because it can get a little tricky to do on your own. The next step is to attach the remaining two aprons to the two leg/apron subassemblies that we made up in the previous section.
    1. Have your helper assist you with standing up the two subassemblies and holding the apron up into position.
    2. Tighten a bar clamp across the legs to hold the apron into place.
    3. Fine tune the position of the apron, making sure that the reveal is consistent with the amount allowed for the subassemblies.
    4. Once satisfied with the apron position, drive screws to attach.
    5. Repeat for the last apron.
  4. Cut four corner braces from scrap apron material, beveling the ends at 45 degrees.       Length is not critical for these braces, but 8”-12” is a good range.
  5. Drill two holes on each side of the braces to accept screws.
  6. Drive screws to install all four corner braces.
  7. Grab your pocket screw jig again and set up to drill the holes that will attach the tabletop to the bottom of the table.
    1. Determine how many screws you will use to attach the top.       Usually this will be 6, 8, or 10 screws, depending on the size of the top. I used 6 screws to attach the top to my table, which measures 36” x 49.5”.
    2. Hang the pocket screw jig on the inside of the aprons in the desired locations, clamp in place, and drill holes.
    3. Place the tabletop onto the table and set the space around the edges evenly.
    4. Drive screws through pocket holes to attach the top.       Drive the screws snug, but be careful not to over tighten.

door table assembly

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