DIY Door Table

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  1. With table construction completed, we can now turn our attention to finishing. The condition of your table components and the finish you opt for your table will dictate how much, and what kind of, preparation that you must do prior to applying a finish or paint. I chose to paint my table.
  2. Steps for a painted table:
    1. Power sand all flat surfaces first with 60 grit sandpaper and then with 100 grit
    2. Hand-sand the table legs and other areas where the power sander could not reach. Again, first with 60 grit, then with 100 grit.
    3. Dust off the table, and apply a coat of primer that is compatible with the topcoat that you plan to use.
    4. Apply a minimum of two coats of your selected topcoat, following the manufacturer’s instructions as listed on the container.

Redirecting stuff destined for the landfill into useful, even beautiful, items is rewarding and challenging. The thrill of the hunt for new treasure doesn’t soon lose its luster. And, it saves you money.

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Laura Locke

Laura works alongside her husband at their furniture painting and repair business, Turning Leaf Crafts in Covington, TN. You can visit their website to learn more and follow along as they blog about their adventures in the world of repurposed furniture.