DIY Gifts under $25

With just a few critical shopping days left before Christmas, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of great affordable gifts for the Do-it-yourselfer in your household.  So resist the temptation to get another sweater or pair of pajamas, and get prepared for tackling those projects around your home in 2012.

All of these gift ideas are immediately available online at

Dewalt 24in 2-in-1 Power Tool Tote

This is more than a tool box.  The heavy duty Power Tool Tote has a removable top case for power tools and accessories.  The reinforced metal handle is easy to grip and will handle up to 70 pounds of cargo.

$19.99 (was $27.99)

Dewalt 16 pc. Gold Ferrous Pilot Point Drill Bit set

It’s easy to just say “I’ve already got drill bits” and pass over this item.  But settling for old, dull bits is no way to make your projects go smoothly.  This handy kit contains bits from 1/16″ all the way to 3/8″, and includes a magnetic bit driver guide with philips bit.  The bright Dewalt yellow plastic case is compact and easy to find in your tool bag.

$9.99 (was $20.99)

Cooper Lighting Halogen Work Light (500 watt)

Let’s admit it, sometimes that project we think will be done before kickoff ends up taking us well in to the night.  And nothing is more frustrating than fumbling through the dark to try to find where to drive a nail or drill a hole.  Enter the Cooper Lighting 500 watt Halogen Work Light!  This awesomely bright work light will stand tall on its 46″ tripod, or stoop low with its quick release detach.

$17.99 (was $29.99)

Stanley Professional Top Read Aluminum Level

Level and square.  Two ideas that seem simple, but prove over and over again to be rare and elusive.  Using this Professional Aluminum Level from Stanley will help keep your projects and pictures hanging straight.  The 360 degree vials are accurate, and can be replaced if necessary.

24in – $6.99 (was $17.49)

48in – $21.99 (was $31.99)

Act now to get these great items before Christmas, but even if you miss it, these prices are good until January 1, 2012. And all orders on can be shipped to your local Ace Hardware store for Free!

All of us at HomeSpot hope you have a great holiday season, and thank you for helping us in the process of improving or maintaining your home.  Merry Christmas!

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