DIY Paint by Number Mural

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paint by numberTransfer the Image to the Wall Panel

If you have a projector, you may simply project the image onto your art board or wall and trace the image with a pencil. Make sure to outline each area that will be a different color, as this will be very important when numbering all of the areas that are to be a particular color.

If you do not have a projector, do not despair! You may print out your original image and mark it off in a grid and then mark a scaled up grid onto your art surface. The following article here helps to explain scaling up images via the grid process.

Assign Numbers to the Sections

Now we will assign numbers to each block on the pencil outline of our image. Each color that will be represented on the finished painting must be assigned a number. It is helpful to have your paints on hand and to make a legend that you can use as a reference later.

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