DIY Pallet Furniture

If you love nothing more than a DIY project, shipping pallets are a great starting point. Both versatile and cheap, with a little DIY knowledge and a spare few hours it is possible to turn a humble wooden shipping pallet into a remarkable piece of furniture for indoor or outdoor use.

Creating a pallet chair is fairly easy, and you will only need:

  • -1 wooden pallet with 14mm thick planks
  • -1 wooden pallet with 16mm thick planks
  • -2 coach bolts (6 x 50mm) & matching wing nuts
  • -58 woodscrews (4 x 30mm)
  • -8 woodscrews (5 x 60mm)
  • -Wood glue
  • -Wood saw
  • -Crowbar

Then by following the instructions below you can prepare, cut and assemble the pallet to create a cheap and effective chair that can be used in any room in the house or outdoors.

Once you have fully assembled the chair you can add your own finishing touches to it with a tin or paint, a pot of varnish or a permanent marker.

DIY pallet furniture

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