Eight Things Not To Do When Selling Your Home

Selling a house isn’t easy. And never is this more the case than when the house in question happens to be your home. Throw in a lack of experience and you have a task that many people find understandably daunting.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a real estate expert to get a good price for your home. All you need to do is hire an expert and learn what not to do when acting on their advice.

Here are eight mistakes to avoid when selling your home.

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Get Offended By Low Ball Offers

If your home is on the market for a number of months, chances are you’re going to encounter at least one low ball offer. It’s not uncommon for home owners to be offended  by such gestures but it’s important not to take them personally. By responding in a professional fashion, you can usually expect a much more reasonable counter offer. For all you know, the person making the low ball offer really loves your home

Sell During the Winter

Unless you absolutely have to sell your home during Winter, it’s generally best to avoid doing so. There are two reasons for this. First off, the average home looks a lot nicer during the warmer months. And secondly, the cold puts people off making viewings. And less viewings means less offers and a lower final price. Needless to say, homes tend to sell a lot faster outside of the Winter months also.

Ignore Your Estate Agents Advice

Finally, if you’ve never sold a house before, chances are you’re going to be a little bit clueless about how everything works. It’s therefore important to take your estate agents advice on board. If he/she makes a suggestion, it’s probably a suggestion worth listening to. It’s in your estate agents best interest to get the highest price possible for your home, don’t ignore them when they tell you how best to go about doing so.

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