Fall Furnace Care

Have you delayed scheduling your annual fall furnace maintenance appointment? We’re already into December and entering into the heart of the heating season but it’s never too late to show your furnace some love. It is so much worse to have to deal with a problem when your whole house is reliant on that appliance during the winter. Could you imagine how many space heaters you’d have to run to prevent your pipes and family from freezing?

Furnace care and maintenance tipsFurnace Care Checklist

While some of the items on this checklist could be handle by everyday DIY homeowners, there are a few that require special equipment and others that are best left to a professional.

  • Remove soot buildup from the combustion chamber and clean up any debris.
  • Visually look over the flue for any cracks, holes, or corrosion. Small leaks can be seal with foil tape (i.e. duct tape will not work). If the flue is very corroded, it is best to have it replaced.
  • If applicable, replace the oil filter. Be sure the oil valve is closed when working on this filter.
  • Professionals will utilize a special meter to examine the exhaust gases to optimize the fuel to air ratio.
  • Clean out the blower compartment of dust and debris. Open the oil ports and top off with the appropriate lubricant for your specific blower.

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Tyler Golberg

Tyler is the founder of Home Maintenance Tracker and a writer for HomeSpot HQ, an easy to use tool for managing maintence and projects for every house.