Finding a Way to Repurpose Everyday Things

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Before I begin, you should know…I absolutely love repurposing everyday things!

As a child, growing up, I repurposed things all the time.  Little did I know that years, and years later, I would be doing it for a living!

It all started when I left my job as a teacher and we moved back home to San Antonio.  I knew I really didn’t want to go back to teaching, but I also couldn’t imagine sitting around the house all day doing nothing but housework.  Blah!

So, I did what anyone else would do, and I bought 25 antique windows.  OK, so maybe you wouldn’t do that, and quite honestly, I had no idea what I was going to do with them all.  I’m pretty sure my family thought I was nuts.  I mean, I thought I was nuts!

Eventually I decided I would pull out one window a day, work on it, and blog about it.

After two months, I completed all 25 which you can read about here.

Here are a few of my favorites…

Everyday things repurposed

I had so much fun repurposing those old windows that I started to think about other things I could repurpose.

By this time, I started painting furniture and The Rustic Pig became an official business.

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Claire Berard

My name is Claire and I am behind the blog... The Rustic Pig. I love to buy antiques, paint them, and give them a chance to be loved again!