Furnace Maintenance Checklist

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Adjusting the Burner

All the fuel entering the combustion chamber should be burned up if the furnace is operating at peak performance. A professional HVAC technician will use a special meter to measure the exhaust gases to measure efficiency. The air to gas proportions will then be adjusted to the proper ratio.

Lubricating Blower Motor

Every central air system has a blower motor that forces air through the duct work for both the heating and cooling systems. Adding friction to the motor adds work and decreases efficiency. Remove the access panel to the blower motor. Find the ports on the side of the motor and remove the plastic caps. Very slowly drips in oil as to avoid overfilling. Be absolutely sure you use the correct oil specified in the manual for your home’s furnace. Replace the caps.

After topping off the oil, clean the blower chamber. Use a shop vacuum to clean up dust and debris. Put the access panel back in place.

Cleaning Vents and Changing Air Filters

Air filters should be replaced every 2-3 months, but it is most essential to replace while doing the annual full maintenance checklist. After the inside of the unit has been cleaned, it is important to keep it clean. Make sure to insert air filters in the correct direction when replacing old ones. There is typically arrow on the side that indicates the arrow of flow. It is also a good idea to clean the vent covers on the intake and return.

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