G+ DIY Link Party

Join in the Google Plus party today by sharing your page and projects. It is a great way to network with other DIY bloggers and gain new exposure. Before we get to the party, check out these recent on HomeSpot HQ:

 New Life for Wine Bottles

Instead of adding to the trash, try one of these amazing wine bottle projects for new decor around your house.

Wine bottle turned into a lovely torch

Refrigerator Organization

It’s tough to maintain a clean refrigerator, but with a few tips you can keep the frig organized.

Refrigerator before-after

Google Plus DIY Party

Now for the party. Help get the word out and share your projects every Wednesday on Google Plus with the hashtag #MommyIsCoocoo. The biggest objective is to have fun! Check out the details below.

G+ link party for home, garden, and DIY projects

Add the button below to your sidebar or a blog post and link back to the party (optional).

mommy is coocoo
  1. Add each cohost to one of your circles.
  2. Link up using your G+ URL, not the one for your blog.
  3. Share an inspiring, creative, or helpful post (e.g. DIY, home garden, etc) with the public on Google+ with the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo.
  4. Socialize with others in the #mommyiscoocoo hashtag by adding new friends to your circles and engaging in posts (i.e. +1, share, and comment).

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