G+ Link Party Time

Looking to increase your engagement and following on Google Plus? It’s easy. Simply join us every Wednesday on Google Plus and engage with other users about creative projects. See further details below.

G+ link party for home, garden, and DIY projects

Before linking up I encourage you to check out the Facebook group for Creative Bloggers Who Google+.

Join the Google+ Party:

Add the button below to your sidebar or a blog post (optional).

mommy is coocoo
  1. Add each cohost to one of your circles.
  2. Link up using your G+ URL, not the one for your blog.
  3. Share an inspiring, creative, or helpful post (e.g. DIY, home garden, etc) with the public on Google+ with the hashtag #mommyiscoocoo.
  4. Socialize with others in the #mommyiscoocoo hashtag by adding new friends to your circles and engaging in posts (i.e. +1, share, and comment).

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