Green Spaces in Crazy Places

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street view of the high line parkThere is something serene about adding grass and plants to any space. Today I’ve picked some of my favorite places from around New York City. In this incredibly population dense metropolis it is interesting see how people have integrated green into the city.

High Line Park

The High Line was originally opened in 1934 as a solution to remove the trains from the streets where they posed a huge safety risk. By 1980 the trucking industry forced the railroad to close. It sat for nearly 30 year corroding and created a big eye sore. In 2009 the formerly derelict elevated railroad in Chelsea reopened as a public park in 2009.

It is hard to believe that this beautiful park almost never came to be. I highly recommend taking a walk through the park. Flower lovers will find a wide array of colors and combibations. Art lovers will find some very intriguing installments and residential contributions off to the side off the tracks.

And for those of you looking to just relax, there is a nice lawn to lay down on, plenty of food vendors, and viewing spots. The viewing spots have benches and are situated to where you can sit back and view the city.

high line park grass spaces

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