Having It All – A Luxurious Bathroom With Water-Saving Features

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We all want to reduce our water bills  and if you design the right kind of bathroom you can expect to save cash every month for the next 10-15 years. People are investing in water-saving bathroom features to get the luxurious bathroom they want and to save themselves valuable cash for years to come at the same time.

If you are refurbishing your bathroom it only makes sense to look for water-saving features, especially with the way water costs are expected to keep on rising.

energy efficient toilet that looks good

Water-Saving Bathrooms – Luxury with a Clear Conscience

Let’s get a few things straight. Water saving is not just for hippies, and it will not entail you saving buckets of water to use in the garden, or failing to flush your toilet after every use. Modern water-saving technology is not only efficient, it’s also elegant. Whilst you’ll find budget options for bathroom suites and taps that save water, you’ll also find that many high quality, luxury bathroom design also have elegant water-saving bathroom fixtures.

These fixtures will not result in a noticeable diminishing of your bathroom experience. The great majority of the time you will not notice that water is flowing at a slower rate and you will still get the steamy shower that you want. Water-saving technology has made huge strides in recent years, and you can now have the beautiful bathroom that you want whilst using the water-saving fixtures that you need.

Toilet Options – Pain Free Water-Saving

Water-saving toilets are far from a new innovation, and have been in use in most European countries for years. Also known as ‘dual flush‘, these efficient toilets give you a choice of water flow, depending on how necessary the water is. This means that liquid can be washed down the toilet with an economy flow, whilst solids can be disposed of with a heavier water flow.

A traditional toilet uses around five gallons of water per flush, whilst more modern versions can get away with around 1.6 gallons per flush. A high efficiency dual flush toilet will use around half a gallon of water each time the flush is pressed; with the average household toilet being flushed eight times a day by each member of the household, that’s a lot of water which can be saved.

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Phil Turner

Phil Turner seems to have refurbished a lot of bathrooms in the last few years. Four in eight years to be precise. He is glad he installed water-saving features in his current bathrooms, not least because of the way water prices keep rising every year.