Having It All – A Luxurious Bathroom With Water-Saving Features

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Taps that Cut Your Water Use

Obviously, your water comes out of taps in your sinks and bath tub so buying the right taps will save you a lot of water. A standard bathroom tap runs at a rate of 2.5 gallons per minute (gpm), a tap with an installed aerator flows at just 1.5 gpm. That’s a big difference when you’re brushing your teeth twice a day.

water saving features that look goodYou should also look for taps with “Blue Technology,” an innovative internal design means that these taps not only hold less water in the spout of the tap, but also produce the desired water temperature up to ten times faster than traditional taps. Running the tap for a shorter period of time to get hot water will definitely cut down on your water use. Finally, do make sure that your taps are correctly fitted. A dripping tap will waste up to twenty gallons of water a day.

Luxury Showers use Less Water and Feel Better Too

The final essential piece of equipment in water-saving bathroom design is the shower. Taking a shower rather than a bath has a massive effect on your water consumption, with the average bath using seventy gallons of water as opposed to the average five minute shower which uses anywhere from two to twenty five gallons. Installing a low-flow shower head is going to save even more water.

save water with right shower headOlder showers run at about 5 gpm, whilst low-flow showers are going to vary between 1 and 2.5 gpm. And if you’re worried about luxury, don’t be, consider a steam shower; they use only slightly more water than regular showers do, so feel free to keep your private oasis of calm.

If you feel that you’ll suffer from lack of water pressure, then consider an aerated shower. This Japanese invention pumps each drop of water full of air, so that you get the same feeling of being under a luxurious waterfall whilst using a lot less water.

Water Saving Luxury Pays for Itself

If you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom, then consider taking these water-saving measures seriously. Technology these days is good enough that you’re really not going to diminish your bathroom experience in any way; top designers all include water-saving features so you will have plenty of choice regarding style.

Your wallet will continue to benefit for as long as the bathroom is in place meaning that the on-going savings will more than cover the slightly higher purchase costs of the water-saving features you choose.

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Phil Turner

Phil Turner seems to have refurbished a lot of bathrooms in the last few years. Four in eight years to be precise. He is glad he installed water-saving features in his current bathrooms, not least because of the way water prices keep rising every year.