Hide a House Key

Having a key hidden on the outside of the house is very convenient. You never know when you’ll lose the one in your pocket or a situation arises where a friend needs to access the house. The problem is burglars are well aware of the fact most homeowners hide keys under a mat or fake rock. Today’s project is a simple way to take the rock idea to the next level.

House Key Hidden Container

To start this project find a small container (e.g. old prescription bottle), a rock larger than the top of the container, dark spray paint (e.g. gray or black) and heavy duty water-proof adhesive. Spray paint the outside of the bottle. Glue the rock to the top of the bottle and let it dry.

Find a spot in the landscaping to place the container and dig a small hole. It is best if it is next to some other small rocks. If needed, you can put a small dot on the rock to help you decipher the container from the other rocks.

Be careful about using this trick in colder climates. Snow can make it very difficult to find such a small object!

Alternative Solutions

There is no shortage of solutions on how to  hide your keys. The ideas range all the way from fake rocks to fake birdhouses. The best solution is keyless entry. Then there is no need to fret over the possibility of someone finding the secret hiding spot.

Keyless entry is generally available for two places: the garage door and front door. A key pad usually comes along a garage door opener and is a decently convenient method. A front door keypad is nicer but can be a bit unsightly. Either way, make sure to only give access to people you trust and don’t set the pin number to the address of the house!

fake rock for hiding keys birdhouse for keys

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