Home Appliances: Gas vs. Oil Vs. Electric

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How are your home appliances powered?  It’s quick and easy to figure this out in almost every case.  Here’s a list of common home appliances, and how to determine what powers them.

Dishwasher, clothes washer, air conditioner, refrigerator: These appliances are always electric, with the potential exception of very old refrigerators and air conditioner; some were gas powered.  No joke.

Range: Almost all new ranges will have a 120 volt plug to power the clock and the ignitor, but to determine if it’s gas or electric, take a look inside the door to either the oven or the bottom drawer.  There should be a label giving either the BTU ratings or the KwH rating.  If it talks about BTUs, it’s gas.  The photo below shows an example of a label on a gas range.

label on gas range

KwH = electric.   If it’s a fancier new oven, it may be both; these ovens typically have a gas cooktop and an electric oven.

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Reuben Saltzman

Reuben Saltzman works for Structure Tech, a Minneapolis home inspection company that has been in business since 1987.