Home Inspection Photos of the Month – June

Some of the photos that home inspectors take deserve no explanation, others have no explanation.  Can you guess what was going on in this first photo?  We still have no idea.

Toilet tank, apple, sock.  That’s all we know.

Toilet tank, apple, sock

We never got to the bottom of this photo. This may have been the work of a toddler.

Rot Behind Window Wrap

Rot Behind Window Wrap

When wood window frames begin to rot on older homes, it’s common practice to have the frames wrapped with aluminum to help protect the wood underneath and to give the windows a nice clean look.  This is a perfectly acceptable repair, but only when there is still some wood left to attach to, unlike what’s shown above.

When you see windows wrapped with aluminum, give them a little push to make sure there is something behind the aluminum.  If there’s a lot of give, there may be a problem.  Click this link for a short video clip showing rotted aluminum clad windows at a home inspection.  Aluminum clad windows are different from aluminum wrapped windows in that they were originally made with aluminum cladding instead of behind field modified, but the procedure for identifying rotted wood behind them is about the same.

Load Bearing Can

Load Bearing Can

As far as we could tell, that was a can of wood putty holding up the corner of this laundry sink.  This would fall under the category of ‘improvised repair’, or ‘temporary repair’.

Hazardous Disposer Wiring

Water dripping on wires


Not only was the disposer leaking, not only was the disposer not properly grounded, not only were the wires not protected, but the disposer was leaking on to the open spliced wires.

For more info on defects that home inspectors find with garbage disposers, click here.

Wall Repairs

Put a sock in it


“Hey honey, weren’t you going to fix those holes in the wall under the bathroom sink?”

“Put a sock in it.”


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