HomeSpot Feature Highlight: The Home History Report

HomeSpot is a great tool for managing your home’s routine maintenance tasks. But it is also a repository for recording the history of projects and tasks you’ve done around the property. Many of our users have inquired about a way to get a printable version of the data in their HomeSpot account.  We were happy to respond by creating the Home History Report.

home history report for homespotWhat is the Home History Report?

The Home History Report is a full listing of all the information about a location managed in your HomeSpot HQ account. The report will show each Space in the location, and will show the Maintenance Items, Projects, Facts, and Appliances for that Space. The report is formatted to be printed, and each Space will be displayed on its own page.

Uses for the Home History Report

The Home History Report is a great method for creating an offline archive of your HomeSpot records. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home, the Home History Report is a great way to showcase how well maintained the property is. The report can be given to the new home owner so they will know about any improvements made to the property, as well as a history of the routine maintenance performed.

Creating the Report

Use these steps to create the report for your home:

  • 1. After logging in to your HomeSpot HQ account, click on the ‘My Account’ link in the upper right hand corner.
  • 2. The ‘Reports’ tab will be shown, and when you select that tab, you will see the link to ‘Create the Home History Report’.
  • 3. The report will open in a new window, and you can print the report by selecting Print from your browser’s menu. You can also save the report as a PDF file.

The following video tutorial will show you exactly how to create the report.  To learn more visit the HomeSpot Features page.

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Derek Smith

Derek is the co-founder of HomeSpot HQ, and uses it to manage the seemingly never-ending list of projects and maintenance tasks around his suburban home.