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Love talking about all things home related? Hometalk is a online community for home lovers to share, discuss, and inspire.


Share and Discuss

At the heart of Hometalk is the ability for professionals, bloggers, and homeowners to post projects for others to see. It is a great way to get feedback, inspire other users, and give DIY tips. These projects range from home decor to furniture revivals to cleaning tricks. There are projects and tips on almost anything you can think of for a house!

The discussion for each post is one of the best parts. The feedback from professionals has always been great for the growth of ideas and prevention of mistakes. Everyday homeowners add various questions, which is a great way to get perspective on the different aspects of a project.

Save and Plan

Want to save someone else’s project for your own house? The board feature makes this easy by allowing users can “clip” a post. You can create various boards, like “cleaning tips” or “DIY decor.” to keep the posts organized.

hometalk boards for saving projects

Search and Follow

It is easy to find the right post for a repair or your next project. The search function is the easiest way to find a specific post. The categories index is a good way to sort out a broader spectrum. Lastly, you can follow other users’ boards and posts if you find their projects particularly helpful.

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