How To Clean Windows And Keep Them Clean

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Washing windows is so time consuming. Learn how to clean glass quickly and effectively with the following tips. And, even more important, keep the windows clean with few simple steps.

Best ways to clean a window

Window Cleaning Made Easy

Most homeowners use the traditional spray and towel wipe technique to clean the glass. While this isn’t a bad method for cleaning around the glass, it tends to leave streaks and clumps of dust. Try using a window-washing squeegee instead of a paper towel. You’ll cover more area in less time and avoid leaving annoying streaks.

If you’re still having problems with spots and streaks, consider changing the time of day you clean. Sound odd? Well, it is more about the temperature of the windows. When it is hot and sunny out, the water in the cleaning solution evaporates quicker and leaves behind deposits. Try to aim for early morning before the sun pops out.

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