How To Clean Windows And Keep Them Clean

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How to keep windows clean longerKeeping Clean Longer

Now that you’ve put in the work, let’s try to keep those windows clean as long as possible. Here are  6 great tips to help you do just that:

  1. Mind the Surroundings – dust and wipe down the sill, frame, shades, and blinds around the window to prevent dust from floating on over.
  2. Remove the Screens – First of all, don’t forget to clean the screens during this task. Lots of dust and dirt gets stuck in the mesh. After cleaning the screens, consider putting them in storage instead of placing them back. The screens trap lots of rain water that evaporates and leaves behind dust. Unless you leave the windows open a lot, this may be one of the best ways to keep the outside of the glass clean much longer.
  3. Outside Windowsill – After you remove the window screens apply a coat of floor wax to the windowsill to help protect the surface from the elements.
  4. Dirty Blinds – Use an antistatic spray to keep the blinds from becoming dust magnets.
  5. Replace the Furnace Filter – Every 2-3 months the air filter for the HVAC system should be replaced. This is not only good routine furnace maintenance but also it helps to keep the air clean of particulate.
  6. No Smoking Zone – Secondhand smoke can dirty up fast and leave a grimy residue. The best course of action is not smoke inside the house, but if the damage is already done, a solution of ammonia and water can cut through grime.
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