How To Fix A Stripped Hole In Wood

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How to fix a stripped holeIt’s very frustrating when a screw gives out. It can mean a loose hinge on a door or fallen picture. Also, the hole it used to be seated in becomes almost useless. However, there are a few ways to work around this common house problem.

Go Big

Try replacing the screw with a larger screw. A longer and/or larger diameter screw can dig into new wood and create a new anchor. Consider the application first before taking this route. For example, it’s tough to use a larger diameter screw for hinges because of the hole size in the metal plates. A longer screw would be the better solution. If you do take this route, drill a tiny hole before sinking in the fastener. Otherwise, the wood may crack while driving in the screw.

Fill It In

If the hole is messed up and it’s not possible to use a bigger screw, try patching things up. Drill out the hole to a larger size and plug it with a dowel. Keep the dowel in place with glue and let it cure. Then drill a small hole and replace the screw.

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