How To Fix A Stripped Hole In Wood

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How to fix a stripped hole in woodTee It Up

A nifty little trick to fix a stripped is to use a golf tee. Apply some carpenter’s glue to the tee and jam it into the hole until it is secure and below the surface. Let the glue cure and cut off any excess material. Lastly, drill a pilot hole before driving in the screw.

Temporary Solutions

A shim or drywall anchor can do the trick if you’re only looking for a short term solution. To use the shim method grab a small piece of wood, like a toothpick, and apply carpenters glue. Cut off any excess material. When you insert the screw it should press up against the shim and stay place (temporarily).

Fresh out of toothpicks? A drywall anchor can work in a similar fashion. Simply hammer the anchor into place and place the screw. Glue won’t work for this method, but it’s only temporary anyways!


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