How-to Guide for Making Easy Lined Rod Pocket Curtain Panels

My Mom and two of her sisters worked in a garment factory in the early mid-century. One of them worked there until it closed in the late 1980’s when manufacturers started sending their work to foreign countries. From them, I learned to love to sew. Though my first sewing machine was just a little pink plastic toy machine that only did one stitch, I loved every minute I spent sewing on it. I haven’t stopped loving sewing since then.

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Being I’m big on DIYing, I have a tendency to cross use my tools, as you might have already noticed if you’ve been following my articles. Below you’ll find a list of supplies I used including a tool intended for use by those who install drywall.

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  1. Fabric and lining (How to figure yardage shared on next page.)
  2. Pins
  3. Tape measure
  4. Thread
  5. Fabric shears
  6. Cutting mat
  7. Straight edge (I use a drywall T-Square)
  8. Rotary cutter
  9. Sewing machine
  10. Measuring mat

Though this can be done without the rotary cutter and all that goes with it, it’s much easier with them. You can also get by without the cardboard measuring mat I have on the table under everything. However, it does protect your dining table if you don’t have a designated cutting table.

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