How to Install a Baseboard Heater

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It is common to find rooms that do not have central heating vents in older homes. It is expensive to install central air. A much better solution is to install a baseboard heater. They are effective, easy to install, and much cheaper than adding vents for central air.

Steps for Installing a Baseboard Heater

Hopefully you already have a power source next to the floor ready to go. If not, you may have to get an electrician to pull power from a nearby outlet or switch. And that will most likely require cutting into the drywall. Once power is available, you’re ready to start.

1.) Lay the heater next to the baseboard where it will be installed and draw lines with a pencil at both ends of the heater.

2.) Use a dremel or sawzal to cut the baseboard at the pencil marks.

3.) Use a crowbar to pull the cut piece of board off the wall. To prevent making a dent in the wall place a flat object (e.g. sheet metal) under the pivot point of the crowbar.

instructions for baseboard heater installation

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