How to Keep Pests Out of Your Home

The outdoors can be nice to look at from the cozy confines of a home, but nobody wants the pests that can be found out there to make their way inside the house. Unfortunately, especially as the weather begins to turn colder, those critters want nothing more than to escape the backyard and make their way inside to shelter. There are several simple and inexpensive procedures homeowners can use to help prevent pests from invading their homes.

Protecting a Home from Pests

Setting up the proper defenses to keep insects and rodents out of a residence can mostly be done in an afternoon, though there are some things, such as landscaping, that will have to be done over time.

pest control home maintenanceProper maintenance of a home can go a long way toward keeping pests out of a home. Take a close look around the outside of the house for any gaps or cracks. Even very small ones can allow mice and insects to get inside. If a pencil can fit inside the gap, so can a young mouse. Use caulk to fill any gaps that are found. Repair or replace any door and window screens that have holes in them. If there are basement windows, make sure they shut and seal properly. Homeowners with a crawl space should get under the house and
check there.

Indoor Pest Prevention

A regular cleaning schedule will also make a home seem less attractive to pests. Vacuuming the carpets not only will keep them clean, it can also remove insects that are trying to hide in the fibers. Removing excess clutter will also remove places they like to hide. Picking up any food crumbs that might find their way to the floor will keep from attracting ants and other bugs. Be sure to sweep in the corners of rooms that often get overlooked. If there is an attached garage, it should be cleaned out annually by removing the contents and sweeping out any dirt.

pest control around the home

Outdoor Pest Prevention

The outdoors can be just as important as indoors. Keep woodpiles as far away from the house as possible because these can be a haven for insects and other creatures. Trim back any tree branches that hang low enough to touch the roof. Pests can crawl down them to gain access to the home. The lawn should be kept cut short. When landscaping, plant flowers that attract ladybugs, bees and birds. These are the natural predators of many insects. Certain plants and herbs also repel insects and mice. The oils of some of these herbs, such as mint or lemon balm, can also be mixed with water and sprayed around the entryways of the house as an added defense.

The battle to keep insects, mice and other pests out of a home is one that will be ongoing. Proper maintenance, a regular cleaning schedule and being aware of what attracts them will provide a winning defense for any homeowner. That protection will also lead to a greater enjoyment of the home.

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