How to Make Ice Candle Holders

ice candle holderGive your yard, garden, or driveway a unique look this winter by making your own ice candle holders. It is very easy, cheap, and only takes a few minutes to setup (minus the time required for the water to freeze).

Start by getting some plastic buckets. Old ice cream buckets work great. Fill the bucket about three quarters full with water. It is best not to fill it completely. It makes it easier to move and not spill.

Then, as an option, you can add pine tree boughs or other vegetation to give it a little more character. You will have to wedge them in to where none of the boughs come floating up. Then set it outside to sit overnight.

In the morning all the outer surfaces should be frozen, but the middle should still be liquid. Use a screwdriver to break a three to four inch hole in the top. Place inside a battery operated fake candle. These battery operated candles are cheap and last a long time. It is best not to use real candles as it will melt the holder!

How to make ice candle holders

That’s all there is to it. They will look great in gardens, along driveways, or on the side of steps. Just make sure to hide them in the shade if the temperature is expected to rise or they will melt away!

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