How to Make the Most of Natural Light

Utilizing natural light in your home proves advantageous in many ways. There are countless health benefits, financial benefits and even emotional benefits upon introducing it into your living space. In order to reap these benefits you may need to make some adjustments at home, but for what you can potentially gain, some renovations are certainly worth it.

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how to make the most of natural lightWhen it comes to natural light, the windows in your home make the most difference. They’re not only one of the most transformative aspects of your home, but also the easiest to renovate. All it takes are some subtle solutions to get the most out of your windows and therefore the natural light in your home.

  • -Installing energy-efficient window film on your windows blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, prevents sun damage on furniture and reduces the amount of glare on television and computer screens around your home.
  • -Although overexposure to sunlight is dangerous, exposure to a proper amount on a daily basis can better your health and overall mood.
  • -By hanging drapes and curtains over your windows you can control how much sunlight enters and exits your home, as well as reduce the money you spend on your heating and cooling bills.
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Nicholas Haywood

Nicholas Haywood is a freelance writer and conservationist. He has an eye for interior design and enjoys advising people on how to be environmentally friendly at home and in the workplace.