How to Make the Most of Natural Light

Utilizing natural light in your home proves advantageous in many ways. There are countless health benefits, financial benefits and even emotional benefits upon introducing it into your living space. In order to reap these benefits you may need to make some adjustments at home, but for what you can potentially gain, some renovations are certainly worth it.

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light coming into the houseThe colors you use in your living space have a major effect on your daily life. They affect the way you look at your environment, they draw attention to certain aspects of your home, and most importantly, they can be altered at any time. If you’re looking to introduce more natural light into your house, adding some color or picking a different paint can make a big difference.

  • -Since north facing rooms get a lot of indirect sunlight, using vibrant colors, like red and green, can make the rooms warmer and more consistently lit.
  • -Rooms facing south receive more sunlight for longer periods of time throughout the day. Use cooler colors, such as blue and purple, in these rooms to contrast this and make them more comfortable.
  • -Cooler colors are perfect for west facing rooms as well. Since they heat up through the course of the day, pastel colors, like teal and pink, help balance the warmth.
  • -Unlike west facing rooms, east facing rooms actually get colder as the day goes on, meaning that more vibrant colors, like orange and yellow, work the best.
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