How to Repair Drywall

All it takes is one swift poke with a broom or a bump from furniture to damage drywall. Luckily, fixing and repairing drywall is good project for DIY homeowners.

Fix a Dent

Gouges and dents don’t need full on repair or even replacement drywall. Some spackle and new paint is all that is required. But before filling in the hole, it is best to clean up the damaged area. Use a utility knife or razor to trim away any loose paper and pieces along the edge. Wipe away dust with a slightly damp rag and dry with a towel.

Trim up the edges before applying spackle to drywall

Apply spackle in the dent using a putty knife. It is best to overfill the hole. Let the spackle dry the prescribed amount of time according to the label. Use sandpaper to remove excess material. The remaining spackle should be flush with the drywall. Paint the affected area to match the rest of the wall.

Fixing a dent in drywall

Fix a Hole

For damage larger than a small hole or dent, you will need a small piece of drywall to fill in the gap. Start by cutting out a rectangular shape around the damage. This will make it easier to repair since most times holes are odd shapes.

Next, screw in a small board, or even a paint stick, onto the backside of the wall. This will serve as a support for the drywall.

Cut a piece of drywall to match the size of the rectangle. If is better to cut the piece larger rather than smaller. A large piece can be trimmed down with a utility knife or sandpaper.

Screw the drywall into the backing board. Make sure to put pilot holes in the backing board to avoid cracking. Fill in the cracks with sheet rock puddy. Like the spackle, sand down the excess material and paint it to match the rest of the wall.

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