How To Tile A Wall

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Pattern And Design

After taking measurements of your tiles and your wall and making your wall get the level, you must decide the design of your walls. It is your choice to decide the design, but the preferred choice is to select variable tiles and then fix them in a specific pattern. You must decide which tiles to plug in and where should they be plugged. In this step, you should roughly visualize your wall and various designs and tiles. The one that looks better should be selected. You must know which tiles to fix in the centers and which tiles upon the sidelines. The distance of each tile should be checked with one of the different tiles, and all tiles which differ from each other must have the same distance between them.

Center Of The Wall Must Be Determined

It is an ideal case in which your walls are square. Usually, the width of a wall differs from its length. So tiling in a rectangle shape is much difficult than in a square. If you want to tile symmetrically with ease, you must deduce the center of the wall. Centre of the wall is to be known so that you can install tiles and assure they follow a symmetrical pattern. If tiles aren’t in a symmetrical way, then the look of the wall can be affected.


Usually, your tiles aren’t square so it is important for you to cut some of your tiles before being installed. Usually, the middle phase of a wall is easily covered with the tiles if the center and the lengths are correctly measured. But the sides both vertical and horizontal can’t be fitted with complete tiles as in the center. So before installation, you must cut your tiles righteous both for the central part and the sidelines and then start working on the process. For the purpose you must borrow or buy a tile saw as it can make this step easy for you.

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