How To Tile A Wall

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Installation Of Some Support

It is essential for you to install some support before tiling your walls. Tiles are slippery they can skit while usage and can be damaged. To make sure you can work properly you must install a supporting board which is usually a wooden board. It would support your tiles and will make sure they won’t fall.

Installation Of Adhesives

After fixing a support board upon the wall, you must install the adhesive required to fix your tiles. The adhesive should not be drawn altogether because it can get dried. So for each tile every time the adhesive must be used.

Start Applying Your Tiles

You must use your adhesive for the first tile and then plug in a tile upon the center of the wall. Then in a symmetrical way you should plug in all your tiles excluding the area upon the edges. The tiles you have already cut in a previous step for the edges must then be plugged in.

Clean Your Tiles

After all the above steps you must clean your tiles so that they can look attractive.

Add A Sealer

It is the last step for the installation of your tiles. This step is done for walls having more moisture. This process makes sure that the tiles remain for a long time.

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