How To Tile Your Base Cabinet Floors

A while back in my article Making the Best of Under the Sink Space, I mentioned the idea of using press on floor tile on the floor of the sink cabinet. At the time I didn’t have any so I used what I had on hand, which was vinyl wallpaper. Recently I purchased a box of sticky tiles so today I’m sharing my tips on how to do this project with very little measuring involved.

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First, gather your supplies:

Being a Seamstress, I often cross use my tools. For instance, when marking where the holes needed to be cut in the tile to go around the flexible conduit I used my sliding ruler, which is normally used to measure hems when sewing. I also used my quilters cutting mat to protect our dining table from being damaged while cutting the tiles.

Before you gather your supplies clean the floor of the base cabinet with warm soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean absorbent cloth. After gathering your supplies, check to make sure it’s completely dry. The tiles will not adhere properly to a damp surface.

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  1.  Enough press-on tiles for your cabinet base.
  2. Sewing slide ruler gauge or other small ruler.
  3. Ink pen.
  4. Inexpensive scissors.
  5. Utility knife.
  6. T-Square or straight edge guide for cutting.
  7. Cutting mat or something to protect the surface you’re cutting on.


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