How To Turn Bi-Fold Doors Into French Doors

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Here’s how to do this:


  • 4 4-hole mending braces
4 T-hinges (medium)
  • Cabinet magnets and plates
  • Shims
Spackle and putty knife
  • 1×4 molding (optional)
  • Drill and screwdriver bits

How To

Remove the existing bi-fold doors from the bi-fold track.

bi fold to French Doors magnets

Install mending braces across the top and bottom edge of each pair of bi-fold doors and screw in place (two screws for each panel). Set doors aside.

Remove existing track from closet opening. Either fill the holes with spackle and smooth over or cover the area where the track was installed with 1×4 molding. Paint to match the walls/trim in the room.

When paint is dry, attach the cabinet magnets to the opening, placing them near the center of the top of the opening. Install the hinges to the side moldings of the closet opening. Position the first bi-fold panel using shims to raise it off the floor. Screw the hinges into the bi-fold panel. Repeat with the other side.

Attach the metal plates to the tops of the centermost bi-fold panels, aligned with the spacing of the magnets. If you do one side at a time, simply place the plate on the magnet and close the door. Using a pencil, trace the shape of the plate onto the door and then position and screw the plate in place on the door panel. Please note that I kept the hinges operational on my bi-folds, so I placed the magnets farther apart than recommended for secured panels. Placing the magnets closer to the panel hinges keeps the panels from sagging open in the center.

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