Human Error With The Lawnmower

Well, it was bound to happen.  I was at Sears last night looking to pick up a tune up kit and new blade as a part of my lawn mower maintenance routine.  While standing in the aisle, I pulled up HomeSpot on my iPhone and looked up the part number for the blade.  I picked one off the shelf, paid and went on home.

The next morning, I went to give the mower a tune up and replace the blade, only to discover that the 22″ long blade I had bought wouldn’t fit on the 21″ mower.  Even despite having a great tool that I could use to look up the part number, I had made the simple mistake of buying the wrong item.

Live and learn, but I can assure you that I’ll double check next time around.

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Derek Smith

Derek is the co-founder of HomeSpot HQ, and uses it to manage the seemingly never-ending list of projects and maintenance tasks around his suburban home.