Kitchen Maintenance Checklist

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Oven and Stove Top

Grease can be a major pain for ovens. Luckily, there is an oven cleaning trick that will make this task easy. Remove the oven racks and soak then in a garbage bag with ammonia overnight. Be sure to exercise caution with chemicals. Make sure to wear gloves when rinsing the racks off.

Stove top cleaning depends on which type is in your kitchen. Electric plug in burners should be removed and cleaned with baking soda and water. The same mixture can be used for fixed mount electric and gas burners. Make sure to also clean the flash tube and drip pan for gas models.

Lastly, clean the hood filter. Soak mesh filters in a solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Replace charcoal filters at least once a year, depending on how often you cook.

Monthly maintenance checklist for any houseFaucet and Sink Drain

Faucets are more efficient today due to aerators on the end of the spout. They are little screens that help even out the flow of the water. Unfortunately, over time calcium and magnesium deposits from hard water build up on the screen. It won’t block flow completely but it will make the flow irregular. Simple unscrew the cap on the end, clean the faucet aerator with vinegar and a nylon brush, and put the parts back in place. Keep the vinegar handy for the next step.

As a part of monthly maintenance pour a couple cups of vinegar down each drain and follow up with hot water. If the sink has been draining slowly then add a 1/4 cup of baking soda into the drain first. The fizzling action should clean out any blockage. Avoid drain clogs in the future by throwing items grease (let cool first), hair, and coffee grounds into the garbage.

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