Kitchen Organizing Tips to Make Your Life Easier

It’s nice to have little tricks that help keep your home in order without too much effort. With the holidays¬† just around the corner when life gets so much busier and you often have visitors to your home, it’s a must.

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Chalkboard Calendar

Family Calendar

The old saying “the kitchen is the heart of the home” still fits the busy lifestyles most of us have today. Maybe even more so. With each child and adult having their own busy schedules it’s easy to lose track of who’s doing what and where without a family message center.

Having a designated location where your family can record their daily activities is as easy as having a large calendar in the kitchen. I like the idea of a chalk board calendar which can be easily made by masking off a grid and painting the wall with chalk board paint or using chalk board contact paper cut into 35 equal rectangles and placed on the wall as shown above.

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Becky Alexander-Conrad

Becky is an organizational guru, a fanatic for furniture restoration, sewing for the home and DIY home projects from design to fruition.