Lawn Care during a Drought

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What TO DO during a Drought

    • Raise the Deck – Set the deck on the lawn mower to the maximum height to reduce the chances of stressing the grass. Letting the grass grow taller will also help to promote deeper root growth.
    • Let the Grass go Dormant – Often times, during little rainfall, there are restrictions on water use for all homes in an the affected area. If you are not going to be able to water twice a week, then grass won’t be able sustain the heat. It is better to not water at all at this point and let the grass go dormant.
    • Cater to Plant Types – Some plants and types of grass are well suited for dryer conditions. Sheep fescue, buffalo grass, and wheat grass are a few that have been designed to handle drought conditions. If you are in an area that frequently faces dry conditions, then consider a grass that is built to survive on little rainfall.


Pay close attention to the grass and plants around your house. If they start to turn yellow or brown, determine if the plant is able to go dormant or take measures to maintain it’s health. Try to keep traffic off of grass that has gone dormant and prepare for the next year. Make sure you are familiar with lawn care basics so you can react during tougher times.

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