How to Make a Twined Rag Rug

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How to make a twined rag rugFirst of all, what is a twined rag rug? Well, the rag part sort of speaks for itself, while the twining part means that as the weaving is performed there also is a twisting motion. This process makes for a very heavy and durable rug. For our rugs, we use denim from thrift store blue jeans and discarded t-shirts. The first step is determining how large your rug should be and constructing a loom on which to weave.

Constructing the Loom

Your loom need not be fancy, but it does need to be sturdy and the ability to disassemble it, store it, and then reassemble later is also worth considering. We built our loom for our large 5’-9” x 9’-9”, living room size rug out of 2×4’s we had lying around.

In order for the loom to be disassembled, we used pocket screws to join the pieces and then reinforced the corners with triangular-shaped plywood braces that we screwed directly into the 2×4’s.

The next step is marking a straight line down the two longest 2×4’s. After your lines are drawn, come back and mark 1” centers on the pencil line, these will be the locations for your screws which will support the blue jean material, which is the warp. Drive the screws. Nails would work, too. We reasoned that drywall screws would hold better and be easy to remove later if necessary. You may be concerned that the sharp threads may damage the warp, but we’ve had no such issues.

You’re now ready to gather your materials.

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