Making the Best of Under the Sink Space

We all have one, that awful space under the sink filled with garbage disposals, hoses and cords. No matter what you do with it, it’ll never look pretty. But it can be functional. And that’s what today’s article is all about. Function.

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1-Under-Kitchen-Sink-Before-300x258The Happy Accident:

I have a somewhat typical sink cabinet with all the usual hindrances to make it difficult to store anything in it like any other sink base. It just happens to have an added disadvantage of being an awkward shape like the side view of a brilliant cut diamond, only upside down, because it’s a corner cabinet.

Before there was an accidental spill I had only one pull out wire coated basket holding the things I used the most. All other bottles and boxes were stored in neat rows, making it difficult to get to anything in the back.

Though I wasn’t happy about the spill, as it damaged the base which was just wood grain paper coated press board, it did offer the opportunity to find a better way to store the items I needed close at hand.

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