Making the Best of Under the Sink Space

We all have one, that awful space under the sink filled with garbage disposals, hoses and cords. No matter what you do with it, it'll never look pretty. But it can be functional. And that's what today's article is all about. Function.

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2-Under-Kitchen-Sink-Measuring-300x225The Face Lift:

Though the floor of the cabinet was bumpy once it dried, it was still strong enough that it didn’t need replaced. Luckily as we built the cabinet we had the forethought to support it with cut wood in the shape of an X under the center of it’s floor. If designing a kitchen be forewarned corner  base cabinets  do not come as one unit. You get only the front frame with door and a half sheet of press-board to be cut by the installer, us in this case, to fit the area between the base cabinets on either side.

Measure the sink floor from side to side and front to back or each back to each side if you too have a corner cabinet. Cut the paper three quarter to an inch longer, just in case.

There are few ways once can cover up such a mess. I happened to have some vinyl wallpaper I’d purchased on clearance with plans to line all our base cabinets.  Another idea is to use press and stick floor tiles. Either way works though to be honest you’ll be better off in the long run to use the tiles as they’ll handle any moisture one might get under the sink.

Though the wallpaper was pre-pasted I chose to used a combination of spray adhesive and double stick tape on the edges to secure it to the floor.

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