Making the Most of Drawer Space

I have found that no matter how much drawer space I have it seems it’s never quite enough. I can’t imagine I’m alone in this so I thought I would share some little tricks I use to make the most of what space I do have.

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Dividers socks
Here I used cardboard dividers that came with Christmas ornament storage boxes that I bought to use for storing other items. Not wanting to toss the  dividers I soon found they work to organize socks. They not only keep the them tidy looking, they make it possible to keep them folded instead of turned inside themselves which can cause the elastic to break down.

These dividers can easily be made using poster board (I recommend gluing two boards together for stability), foam core or even balsa wood.

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Becky Alexander-Conrad

Becky is an organizational guru, a fanatic for furniture restoration, sewing for the home and DIY home projects from design to fruition.

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