MCM: Mid-Century Madness

Okay, so it really stands for Mid-Century Modern, but for me it’s a madness. I love finding and restoring MCM wood furniture. I found this sad little dining table with four chairs (I’ll share their remake when I get them finished) on CL and had to have them.  The cost was minimal, the work however was maximal. As in worth every minute of my time. Follow along to learn just how easy this project was.

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2. Table BeforeWood Grain Rules

The finish was in terrible condition. Worn bare in some areas. But, it had two things going for it: great form, therefore great potential.

 Over the decades the finished had faded. The legs were of a different wood species than the top. Though they more than likely matched in color at one time, that was no longer the case.

1. Table Before Angle


Many would ave looked at this and thought “paint it.” But you’ll never catch me painting over good wood. Especially walnut!

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