Mid-Century Modern Bookcase Make Over

I’d been thinking of building a small shelf unit for the end of our kitchen island to hold cookbooks when I came across a vintage bookcase at a local thrift store. Though I’m not sure why I felt the need, as I only have two cookbooks, with no plans of buying anymore, it was something I wanted so I grabbed it.

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What you get for $1.99: 

You get a bookcase that’s finish is out dated, stripped of it’s original legs and missing its sliding glass doors. Though I wasn’t concerned about the color of its finish, as I planned on staining it to match our kitchen cabinets, I did want to replace the missing legs and glass doors.

When I started to work on it not only the finish sanded off, but so did the grain. Unlike fake wood grain products today, this grain was painted on. Very well, I might add, as it fooled me. Granted, I didn’t look close when I saw the $1.99 price tag, but still, I would have expected myself to have noticed as I love real wood.

You can see where the fake grain was sanded off (by me) showing the basecoat. It was constructed of plywood so I figured it was worth coming up with another plan.

How to upgrade a simple bookcase

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