Milestone: 10,000 HomeSpot HQ Users

HomeSpot HQ Hits the 10,000 User Mark

We are excited to announce HomeSpot HQ now has over 10,000 users! HomeSpot is proud to help you with all your home management needs. From home maintenance checklists to recording paint colors, we hope it has made your life a little easier and your wallet a little fatter.

HomeSpot by the Numbers

There are 41,888 spaces that have been created by users with thousands of projects and maintenance tasks completed. Here are the top five projects and tasks.

Top 5 Spaces

  • 1.) Paint walls
  • 2.) Install light fixture
  • 3.) Install window blinds
  • 4.) Repair or replace a faucet
  • 5.) Install new flooring or carpet

Top Maintenance Tasks

  • 1.) Get HVAC inspected
  • 2.) Replace HVAC filters
  • 3.) Clean gutters
  • 4.) Wash windows
  • 5.) Drain hot water heater

HomeSpot in the Spotlight

HomeSpot has been featured on makuseof, feedmyapp, Kim Komando, lifehacker, USA Today, Fox News and, most recently, in the September issue of Real Simple.

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Tyler Golberg

Tyler is the founder of Home Maintenance Tracker and a writer for HomeSpot HQ, an easy to use tool for managing maintence and projects for every house.