Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

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smoke detector beeping and testSmoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector Test

One of the most important safety features in a home is the smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide detection is particularly important because it is deadly, odorless, and colorless. Without a properly functioning alarm, this poisonous gas would go undetected.

The best smoke detector is the ionizing radiation type. Photo beam and photoelectric versions still work well but can are set off by dust and pests easier and are a little slower to detect smoke.

For smoke and carbon monoxide detector maintenance clean the dust off the unit and press the “test” button. The alarm should sound sound. If the smoke detector is beeping periodically, replace the battery.

Air Filter Replacement

The furnace should be cleaned as a part of fall maintenance and the air conditioner as a part of spring maintenance. To keep the heating and cooling systems clean in between service calls, replace the air filter at least every 2-3 months. If you have a pet, dust allergies, or are remodeling, replace it every month. Make sure to insert the correct size of filter and in the correct direction. There should be little arrows on the side of the filter to indicate the direction of air flow.

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