Monthly Roundup: An End to Winter?

Monthly Roundup from February

Winter is fighting hard to stick around with a couple of March blizzards, but summer will here soon enough!

For this month’s links I decided to pull some videos from Youtube that can help you with real estate, cleaning, and home maintenance.

Window to the Web

Understanding a Short Sale – In a tough spot ever since the housing market tanked? If you need to sell your house but the value has dropped below the loan amount, understanding how a short sale works is absolutely critical. This video does a great job of explaining the situation and how you need to approach the bank:

DIY Camera Decoration – Need a high energy instructor for home decor? Look no further! This video features a girl by the Youtube username of Macbarbie07, who will show you how to make a camera decoration out of a couple of Arizone Tea cans.


Water Heater Maintenance – This video is latest release on the HomeSpot Youtube channel on water heater maintenance. Covered in the video is how to drain the sediment from the tank and how to test the TPR valve. Both are easy DIY tasks that will help to prevent water problems and improve energy efficiency.

HomeSpot Top Posts of the Month

Here are the most viewed posts from February:

Toilet Maintenance and Inspection – Troubles keeping a toilet clean for an extended period of time? It’s probably because of grime in the siphon jets and inside the rim of the bowl. Learn how to clean these two spots and keep a toilet clean (much longer).

Microwave Cleaning Trick – This nifty little trick makes it much easier to clean burned-on stains off the inside of the microwave. Of course they wouldn’t get there the food being cooked was covered!

Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner – No time to make it to the store to buy cleaner? Make your own cleaner from common household products.

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