Monthly Roundup: Is Spring Here?

Winter is hanging on with all its might as a couple more snowstorms hit the midwestern states. But, it looks like the weather has finally warmed up and will help usher in summer.

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Need to keep a door from closing? Put a couple rubber bands from one door knob to the other. This can be very handy when moving a lot of items through an exterior door without having to keep the door constantly open. Here are some more ways to use rubber bands around the house.

rubber band door hack

Are some rooms much colder or hotter than others in the house? The article on air balancing serves as a good starter guide for the average homeowner to fix the problem. One thing I wanted to add is noting the location of the thermostat. The house temperature is taken from this point, it can bias the rest of the house. Try to account for any bias in setting of the thermostat.

programmable thermostat for energy savings

After a couple more weeks of using the SimpliSafe security system, I’ve been able to get a little more insight on the system. First off, it is very simple to arm and shut off. This can be accomplished with the keypad, key fobs, or the app on my smart phone. Also, the web interface makes it easy to manage the system. You can check events (e.g. alarms triggered), changed settings, and even set up guest pin numbers. Lastly, I may have accidentally triggered the alarm. The call center responded right away and did a good job of quickly assessing the situation.

simplisafe web interface to control the security system

The last post I wanted to touch on featured wall stickers for giving character to light switches, outlets, and green practices. The sticker below is for the baseboards and is sure to give visitors giggles.


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