Monthly Roundup: Spring is Here

Welcoming Warmer Weather

Spring officially arrived last month and with it the promise of warmer weather. Make sure you are ready with the spring home maintenance checklist. The tasks on this list will be queued up for those of you with a HomeSpot account.

Posts Continued

Below is another picture from the same room in the Decorating with Maps post. This map was placed below a plate of glass to give the bar top a little more character.

map placed under glass for a bar top

And below is another example of the Bird Nest Plate Decoration. Here plants were added to compliment the nest for the table setting.

Edible bird nest for a table setting

Tops Post from March

Here are the top HomeSpot posts from last month:

  1. 1.) Washing Machine Cleaning – Detergent and grime buildup is easy to remove from the washing drum with this easy cleaning trick.
  2. 2.) St. Patrick’s Day Decorations – Find unique and easy DIY decorations for clover day.
  3. 3.) Tint a Mason Jar – Mason jars are great for DIY projects. This post shows you how to expand the possibilities even further by tinting the jars different colors.

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