Monthly Roundup: Start of Fall

Scheduling Home Maintenance

The beginning of Fall is upon us and cold weather will be soon to follow. When going through your fall home maintenance checklist, keep a couple things in mind. The main goal is to keep the warm air inside and cold air outside. Consider adding the following tasks onto your checklist:

Website Updates

Vehicle maintenance is available for your checklistAs requested by users, a new HomeSpot Space for your car has been added. Log into your account to add the vehicle maintenance schedule.

Monthly Links

If you’re in a reading mood, here a couple articles that are well worth a read from September. The last article on the list is from Real Simple Magazine and features HomeSpot HQ as their top home maintenance management tool. We hope it has been a helpful tool for you!

  • Energy Savers: A new website, Energy Saver, has been launched by the Department of Energy. It provides lots of good info for saving energy around your home. (read more)
  • Incandescent Bulbs in Europe: Europe is starting to crack down on incandescent lights and this might just be the beginning of the end. (read more)
  • Woolworth Mansion for Rent: The legendary Woolworth Mansion in Manhattan is now up for rent at the cool price of $150,000 per month. (read more)
  • Easy to Clean Kitchens: Nobody likes cleaning so why not build a kitchen that is super easy to clean? (read more)
  • DIY Solar Heater: A DIY solution to heat your garage or shed using the power of the sun. (read more)
  • 6 Items to Simplify Your Life: Use these 6 tools help make life just a little bit easier. (read more)

Monthly HomeSpot Quick Pics

home inspection tip number 1home inspection tip number 2
inspection tip - seal the nails on the chimney flashing
inspection tip - trim pulling away

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